From energy to pizza, Meeshkan is AI that predicts the smartest way to move things from point A to point B.

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Why Meeshkan?

Or how AI can help you move things

Human Learning

For traders, systems engineers, logisticians and anyone else looking to move things on complicated networks, Meeshkan helps you stop hating and start loving the real, messy, wonderful infrastructures and phenomena on which your business depends. It is Machine Learning that facilitates Human Learning.

How does it work?

The basic building block of Meeshkan is the stream. A stream can be anything from live temperature readings to geolocation of a taxi. Meeshkan learns, in realtime, the smartest way to blend streams that have an impact on your business. This provides you with actionable insights about where to move things, whether its energy, clients, data or physical goods.

Simple pricing

Our AI makes your life simpler, and our pricing does too.


$0.00 nice!
  • Run Meeshkan on 17 free data streams and sets.
  • Make and execute unlimited models.
  • Visualize your results
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$49.99 Monthly
  • Access to our full data stream library.
  • Ability to import proprietary data streams.
  • Train models on Meeshkan or integrate with your own infrastructure, AWS, Google, FloydHub...
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  • Custom data stream libraries
  • Training and aggregating across multiple devices
  • Continuous integration of always-training models
  • Deployment to a variety of edge providers (Meeshkan, Greengrass, etc.)
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Try Meeshkan

Don't worry, it's free, gentle and has examples for everyone from journalists to chefs to ML engineers at Google Brain.