Stop guessing.
Test what matters.
Release with confidence.

Generate UI tests from the production behavior of your customers, and objectively validate quality and user experience before releasing changes into production.

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User can schedule pickup

UserExpected behavior

Load `home` path

  • Navigate to `/{projectName}/dashboard`

Click on add new collection button

  • Select `div.calendar-create-collect`
  • Click Button with the innerText of `New Collection`

Request collection

  • Input date (0-25 days from today)
  • Submit form

Successful submission

  • HTTP status code 200
  • Return new collect query

Focus on creating, not troubleshooting

No one tests better than a user. So let us make some for you. Join the first innovation in QA since 1991.

  • Real User Flows to recreate in Staging
  • Quantify your confidence to merge with an M-score
  • Machine Learning enabled test runs
Start gathering insights

Cut testing time by 80% and ship higher quality products

Make your whole userbase your QA team. Run comprehensive tests in minutes.

Step 1

Record user behavior in production

Visualize precisely how your software is used, by tracking & recording every user interaction in production.

Step 2

Validate grouped user flows

Recordings are grouped to show you the most (and least) common ways your app is used. Simply verify the flows you want checked before merging.

Step 3

Meeshkan creates fake users

We'll create "users" from your grouped flows, and they're keen to get testing! Daily, or per commit, they'll ensure that no core systems are down.

Step 4

Merge confidently with the Dashboard

Get a full overview of your test coverage, with a Confidence Score that will tell you if you're ready to merge.

Don't just take our word for it!

See what people have to say about using Meeshkan.

"Meeshkan relieves the constant stress of releasing. No more manually writing Cypress tests — my team can just focus on writing more productive code.”

Alexandre Briclot — Product Manager

"I don’t have to go through time-consuming, manual checklists or test writing anymore. With Meeshkan, UI tests are created and run automatically for me.”

Georgios Spanos — CTO

Confidence score


Test coverage


Tests ran


Confidence change

Test suite state

80% Passing

12% Running

5% Failing

3% Run error

Your users are your best testers

But when they find bugs, they stop being your users and become your competitor’s users. Classic internally run UI tests suck at finding the dealbreaker bugs - test like your real users, and ship with uncrossed fingers 🤞✌️

Release on-time, every time

Here are some of the other ways Meeshkan guarantees the smoothest release cycle you’ll ever experience.

Health metrics dashboard

User generated tests

ML grouped user flows

Pinpoint bug introductions

GitHub checks integration

Confidence score

Start using Meeshkan today to test in staging like your real users do in production


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