ML. Fast. Now.

Meeshkan is a framework for interactive machine learning. Its main purpose is to speed up ML model training. A lot. We support common ML libraries in Python, Scala and R and run in the cloud or on premise. All this through a sleek reactive interface powered by Slack, Messenger and WhatsApp.

Slash your ML budget

Some teams have unlimited time and money to do Machine Learning. For those that do not, there's Meeshkan.

Enough love to go around

Train several ML models at the same time by dynamically allocating compute resources using our 0 downtime memory swapping.

Run anywhere

Meeshkan plays nice with all major cloud providers and most on premise solutions. Get cracking in two lines of code

Makes hard stuff easy

Meeshkan analyzes the topology of your ML models as they run, proposing and executing optimizations through realtime messages.

How it works


Step one

Write as many machine learning jobs in your favorite environment. Meeshkan takes care of monitoring and scheduling all of your jobs out-of-the-box without any additional code.


Step two

Change jobs' priority in real-time and keep track of algorithms' loss and accuracy with alerts. If you are linked to a cloud service, Meeshkan will automatically scale up or down servers based on your preferences.


Step three

Voyage through time with our bot-based analytics tools to understand what you've accomplished and where you're going. Easily build upon previous work with transfer learning.

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