Automatic testing for any app

Stop feeling guilty for not writing tests. Meeshkan automatically writes, executes, and reports on a collection of tests guaranteed to squash bugs and improve your code.

90% of the code used by your app isn’t written by your team

Third-party dependencies are the backbone of modern applications. The lack of testing these APIs is a vulnerability.

Increase the coverage that your developers test.

Testing with Meeshkan covers parts of your app that aren’t reached with traditional testing infrastructure. QA devs can now be more confident in their coverage.

Automate resiliency testing with the Meeshkan web app

Using targeted, property-based testing and mocking your app’s dependencies - Meeshkan gives you confidence in your app’s resilience.

Getting set up is as fast as authorizing GitHub.

Step 1

GitHub authorization

Authorize GitHub, choose a repo to test, and choose your base configuration. All in less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

Step 2

Analyze and test your app

Confirm the specification we've auto-generated for your service is correct. Then run the targeted property-based tests, automatically generated from that.

Step 3

Resolve conflicts

In a guided flow, mock any third-party dependencies that couldn’t be auto-mocked by Meeshkan, such as databases.

Step 4

Fix vulnerabilities in your app

When tests fail, your configuration can block a branch from merging and direct a developer to the point of failure. In the future, we’ll provide fix suggestions.

How would automated resiliency testing work for your organization?

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