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About the Meeshkan team

Our product has changed a few times, but our vision of building a fake version of the internet, hasn't. We began as a group of researchers, and that is still heavily engrained into our culture despite also now considering ourselves a software company.

Our team

Mike's headshot

Mike Solomon

Founder / CEO

Makenna's headshot

Makenna Smutz

Cofounder / COO

Nikolay's headshot

Nikolay Zenovkin

Head of Data Science

Fredrik's headshot

Fredrik Fornwall

Software Engineer

Maria's headshot

Maria Malitckaya

Data Scientist

Maria's headshot

Nikolaos Kamarinakis

Software Engineer



We don’t expect things to work the first time. We encourage you to try and fail.


Then, build a schema that unifies these various data sources.


If we hire you, it’s because we trust that you know your domain. Make decisions.


The platform of a company is best used to share knowledge.

Asking tough questions

We encourage each other to challenge and better the team.

Being bold

We want to foster a stable environment that encourages bold risks.

Our investors

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Nordic MakersFirst Fellow PartnersAli OmarFuturistic.vcAri BackholmOki TågJeremy Yap

What does Meeshkan mean?

Meeshkan is a Hebrew word (משכן) that loosely translates to tabernacle. It's the portable temple that the Israelites built during the Exodus from Egypt. It served as a stand-in for the larger one they were to build in Jerusalem.

What we do well begins with mocks, and they are are no different. In short, we think that mocks are like Meeshkans. They are stand-ins for the real thing, and in many ways, they need to resemble the real thing, but are more lightweight and not as full-featured.

We don't mean to endorse one religious tradition over another. What we've learned is that the problems our company is solving are ancient and of fundamental importance to many communities. The story of the Meeshkan helps us focus on the humanistic backbone of what we are doing.


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