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Three tips for product managers on deploying a successful release

A webinar for product managers that release digital products, and the themes.


4th Nov

Reviving the Dhall API discussion

Here's why Dhall is a great contender for superseding REST and GraphQL.


6th Sep

Four reasons that PureScript is your best choice to build a server in 2020

Plus a bonus reason at the end for diligent readers!


4th Sep

Functional GraphQL 1 - Specs and typelevel parsing

A series of articles on supercharging GraphQL development with PureScript


4th Sep

When to start thinking about QA

A guide to help teams think through a tough question.


31st Aug

Type-safe rationals in PureScript - why, what, and how

I'm using type-safe rationals in my next project. You should try them out!


27th Aug

Profunctors are everywhere!

How to leverage the power of profunctors to write great code.


20th Aug

Seven ways to improve your GraphQL API in less than an hour

You've built a great GraphQL API. Now it's time to give it rock-solid reliability!


17th Aug

Reverse engineering the internet

How we represent messy real-world APIs as clean models using machine learning.


15th Aug

The business case for field classifiers

How field classifiers translates to money saved.


15th Aug

Create a mock server for any REST API

A step-by-step tutorial for building a mock server using the HTTP Mocking Toolkit (HMT).


5th Aug

Launching first-class support for automated GraphQL testing

Today we are announcing our full focus on automated testing of GraphQL servers.


28th Jul

Finding and fixing bugs in your tests with fast-check

A follow-up to our JavaScript guide that solves a testing bug with property-based testing practices.


27th Jul

Testing apps with third-party integrations

The best (and worst) ways to test any app that makes an API call to a third-party integration or service.


24th Jul

Property-based testing for JavaScript developers

This guide helps you write your first property-based test in JavaScript using the fast-check framework.


17th Jul

Kotlin tests and user stories

I love stories. I love tests. And I really love tests that read like stories.


10th Jul

Three reasons to avoid using real web APIs in your integration tests

In this post, I'll discuss three issues I've run into using real APIs when testing and the solutions I've used.


11th Jun

We're open-sourcing our webapp

In this post, we explain why we're open-sourcing our webapp and how we hope it will be helpful.


2nd Jun

Functional on the frontend with fp-ts and pipe

Why our team integrated the fp-ts library into our web application and how to work with the pipe function.


27th May

Introducing plzwrk - A Haskell front-end framework

Build type-safe web apps using plzwrk, Asterius, and Haskell.


14th May

How to create a sandbox for the OP Bank API

I'll show how to recreate the OP Bank sandbox and enhance it using the HTTP Mocking Toolkit (HMT).


6th May

Introduction to properties-driven development

Learn what properties-driven development is and how to apply it for a project.


27th Apr

Extension types in TypeScript

How to work with intersection and union extensions.


24th Apr

Stateful property-based testing with QuickCheck State Machine

A gentle introduction to quickcheck-state-machine, a Haskell library for testing stateful programs.


17th Apr

Six questions to answer before implementing a telemetry feature

Things to consider before adding a telemetry feature to your open-source product.


14th Apr

From 1 to 10,000 test cases in under an hour - A beginner's guide to property-based testing

We'll teach you what property-based testing is and how to write your first test.


6th Apr

Weekly metrics for your GitHub repos with VANITY

We're launching a new open-source project that emails you weekly GitHub metrics.


3rd Apr

Word embeddings with code2vec, GloVe and spaCy

How to choose a word embeddings algorithm based on your use case.


24th Mar

Understanding telemetry features in open-source software

What does it mean to have telemetry features in open source projects and how do developers feel about it.


18th Mar

On-device mocking of REST APIs in React Native

A tutorial on how to mock REST APIs in React Native apps


13th Mar

Building a real-time HTTP traffic stream with Apache Kafka

A practical how-to guide and example application for building automated OpenAPI specifications.


10th Mar

Getting started with the HTTP Mocking Toolkit

An interactive tutorial for the HMT collect, build, and mock workflow.


2nd Mar

Announcing the HTTP Mocking Toolkit

A coming-out party for the world's greatest API mocking tool that no one has ever heard of. Yet.


28th Feb

Comparing Prism, Hoverfly, and HMT - Part 1

An article comparing three mocking frameworks


18th Feb

Introducing HTTP types

A standard for recording HTTP requests and responses


18th Feb

Comparing Prism, Hoverfly, and HMT - Part 2

An article comparing three mocking frameworks


18th Feb

Introduction to composable optics with monocle-ts

With io-ts, Elvis and Metallica.


16th Feb

Covariance and contravariance in generic types

With Python and corgis.


9th Feb

unmock vs nock - comparing two JS mocking frameworks

Learn how to write integration tests with unmock and nock.


8th Feb

We're migrating Unmock to Meeshkan

A short announcement and story of open-source resilience.


28th Jan

Resources for learning Python in 2020

A (non-exhaustive) list of resources for Python newbies.


25th Jan

Let It Snow!

A stocking stuffer bringing you open-source cheer.


26th Dec

How To Buy a Digital Twin

A helpful article that gives you the tools you need to decide when and why to purchase a Digital Twin of your APIs, databases and IoT devices.


26th Dec

Mocking the internet in a CircleCI pipeline

How to test code with network calls in CircleCI.


6th Dec

Giving back to the open-source tools we run on

My 24 Pull Requests alternative.


4th Dec

How to remove condescending language from documentation

A Hacktoberfest adventure in creating more inclusive open-source documentation.


22nd Nov

Defining Confidence in Software Testing

Trying to make sense of all the vague terminology in testing land, starting with confidence.


15th Nov

Setting up the alex.js language linter in your project

A practical how-to for linting polarizing language in your Markdown files.


11th Nov

What is the Testing Pyramid even?

Because no one wants to fail a technical interview because of a metaphor.


5th Nov

Introducing wtfuzz - A video series about testing and open learning

We're launching a new YouTube series that'll cover testing fundamentals and unmock-js.


25th Oct

How to mock API calls in React Native

Learn to use unmock and react-native-testing-library.


23rd Oct


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