Getting started with the HTTP Mocking Toolkit

Mike Solomon


2nd Mar 2020

TL;DR Run pip install hmt && hmt tutorial in your terminal to start an interactive HMT tutorial.

Hi! We've made a tutorial for HMT. We made it to help developers get started with the HTTP Mocking Toolkit (HMT) and to show the tool's core features.

You can install it by running:

And then start the tutorial by invoking:

Here are some tips for going through the tutorial:

  • Use a virtual environment. For example, virtualenv .venv && source .venv/bin/activate on POSIX, virutalenv .venv ; .venv\Scripts\activate on Windows.
  • Use a large window.
  • Have an editor handy to inspect the files that are being created.
  • At the end, pretty-please fill out our survey.

The tutorial is open-source, and if you'd like to suggest an improvement or file a bug report, please do so here.

Spoiler alert! What follows below is the text of the tutorial. That said, nothing beats doing it yourself.

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