Press release — Write UI tests in seconds

Makenna Smutz

COO & co-founder

Mike Solomon

CEO & founder

May 19, 2021

Meeshkan, a Helsinki-founded startup, has launched the world's first AI-powered no-code testing solution for digital services. The service monitors and learns from millions of interactions with websites, using natural language processing to create automated tests that resemble real user behavior.

The entry point into the Meeshkan service is the Meeshkan Recorder, available on the Chrome Extension Store. Teams use this tool to record sessions that are transformed into automated test cases in seconds. Building on top of industry-leading natural language and image processing techniques used by groups like DeepMind and OpenAI, Meeshkan's patent-pending technology supplements these recordings with user stories created by analyzing the most meaningful flows through applications.

Meeshkan's goal is to help build teams' confidence that their service works as expected. This is a critical component of the software release process - confident teams ship and iterate faster, spending more time developing features and less time fixing defects. The ultimate goal of Meeshkan is to build an all-purpose software release tool that, using the power of machine learning, helps teams smoothly and regularly promote new features to their production environment.

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