Resources for learning Python in 2020

Carolyn Stransky

Software Engineer

Jan 25, 2020

Updated on Apr 8, 2020

Earlier this week, I learned that I'll be working less on unmock-js and more our latest open-source namesake, Meeshkan. The main difference? Meeshkan is written in Python... which I've never used before πŸ™€

So I asked folks on Twitter for their favorite Python resources and gathered them into a little list (in no particular order). Enjoy!

Table of Contents#

Books πŸ“š#

Courses ✏️#

Tutorials πŸ“ƒ#

Videos πŸ“Ή#

Your Recommendations πŸ’¬#

Have any resources you think should be on this list? Tweet at us and we'll add it.

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