Updates from the developement of the Meeshkan product.


Apr 27, 2021

Test now, test in an hour… test whenever you want!

Manually trigger test runs whenever you want, allowing you to always ensure that your next merge will be a success.

Here's everything else we've been up to in the last cycle:#

  • Now videos show click locations by showing an svg at the click coordinates 🌟
  • For those out there with the console always open, you’ll see less console errors
  • We ensured that Meeshkan won’t impact the performance of your webapp, by implementing a “kill-switch” for the recorder script for when computing power is needed to load your DOM
  • We started work on the latest version of the Chrome extension (with floating recording controls ☁️)… watch this space!


  • Now, more test cases reach completion. Before, some users experienced test cases hanging.
  • Now, longer User Stories will have videos and generate faster. Before, long User Stories would take a while to generate, and sometimes fail to.

Test Runs are picking up the pace 🏃


After some minor tweaks, we're proud to share the Test Runner beta with all Meeshkan users! Now it only takes 1 click to turn a User Story into a Test Case, and they'll run daily against your staging environment.

That's 1 click to write tests, run tests, and analyze test outcomes 😱

Used together with Test Case exports, you can comprehensively and rapidly test your entire UI.

Need a hand setting it up?

Here's everything else we've been up to in the last cycle:#

  • Enuring that Test Runs are triggered only when a staging URL and Test Cases exist.
  • Video creation for all failed tests in the Test Runner
  • Test Runner respects isAuthenticated, and only authenticates if necessary for the Test Case
  • Script and Chrome extension refactoring for performance and type safety
  • Chrome extension update has pretty rounded corners 🤗 (this will update automatically, no need to re-install)
  • Added a skeleton table that displays while User Stories are loading
  • Added the ability to turn on/off Test Runs (Settings > Details)


  • Now, recording the log-in flow is fast and smooth. Before, recording the log-in flow manually occasionally did not correctly register as an authenticated flow.
  • Now, scrolling is natural and consistent across all screen sizes and devices. Before, on smaller screens and on mobile, there were some CSS and scrolling bugs in settings and the sidebar.

Test Runner in stealth mode 🥷

You can already run tests you create from User Stories by exporting Test Cases as Puppeteer scripts but we're also working to allow you to run them directly from within Meeshkan, and we've made some big strides in bringing that to life this cycle. Get in touch to get early access!


Here's everything else we've been up to in the last cycle:#

  • Increased accuracy of User Story videos by making video generation events more explicit
  • You can now clearly distinguish the log-in flow, authenticated flows, and unauthenticated flows too, with handy tags in the Recordings table.
  • Videos are generated automatically for all User Stories
  • Started using the Puppeteer script to test the Meeshkan webapp with user-generated User Stories by setting up the GitHub action
  • Improved the output of the downloadable script
    • Formatting improvements
    • Insert the defined cookie by default
    • Change dragndrop events to click events if they have the same coordinates to make things cleaner!
  • The 🤫 Test Runner beta changes include:
    • Shows the step that failed and why
    • Adds the dynamic test details (which element could not be found)
    • Links back to the user story
    • Fixes bug where test outcomes had a longer timeout than the test run causing uncompleted runs.



  • Now, script tags show correctly on the dashboard. Before, script tags didn't correctly show, dependent on if you'd received events or not.
  • Now, no more repeated reloads Before, there was a reload every time you navigated back to a Meeshkan tab after moving away from it.

Test cases are in Beta!

The webapp now exposes the ability to download puppeteer test scripts, and upgrades to the table UI!

Meeshkan screenshot

Another fun thing — HUGE 💃 Performance upgrades everywhere!#

Following from the upgrades to our recording script last cycle, we've made some system-wide improvements to both frontend and backend elements that decrease loading times by 10x and improve the performance your webapp if the script is installed.

Here's the magic that made it happen:

  • We merged our "mutation observer diff" that continues to improve script performance (and developed our own custom library in the process that will be open sourced shortly!).
  • User Stories are being grouped better due to a larger window of data in context.
  • User Story steps appear instantly after a Chrome extension recording is completed.
  • Fixed bug that added quotation marks to certain string values.

Here's everything else we've been up to in the last cycle:

  • To ensure that User Stories usefully illustrate how your software is used, we've filtered out rare events, so that the ones with less than 1 flow aren't shown in the User Story table.
  • Resize events have been added to User Story steps.
  • Step numbers in User Stories bring clarity to the flow of actions.


  • Now, graceful failure 🎩 when a drag and drop doesn't have destination coordinates. No more scary error screens!
  • Now, new releases to the Meeshkan Recorder Chrome extension update automatically. Before, scripts were cached, preventing automatic updates.
  • Now, receive only relevant notifications from the Meeshkan Recorder. Before, there was a bug for Windows users that sent them repeat notifications.

Release v0.5.3

Video generation for User Stories 🎥#

User Stories are designed to be fully understandable from the steps alone, but sometimes you need a visual aid to gain an intuitive understanding of the steps your users took to reach their desired outcome. That's why we've added a feature that creates a video from user-generated User Stories – with 1 click, a video of the steps will be created, in just 15 seconds!

We've also made some drastic improvements to our recorder script: it's now up to 400x faster than before, so your users won't see any difference in your app's performance when you've installed it, and when you create stories manually with the extension your app will run as smoothly as it does normally.

Speaking of the extension, it's live on the Chrome store – check it out and tell us what you think!

Here's everything else we've been up to in the last week:

  • Hidden inputs and passwords are displayed with asterisk's(*) instead of random text to clarify that they are in fact not passwords.
  • Settings now accessible from your avatar
  • Chrome extension:
    • Now instantly creates a user story after you stop recording
    • Script performance improved by 10x
    • Record the Log in flow of your app with extension
    • Un-inject the script when recording with the chrome extension to prevent duplicate user stories.


  • Now, 1 User Story per recording: Before, multiple User Stories were being generated per recording with the extension:
  • Now, no timeout error, no matter the story length: Before, there was a timeout error where large User Stories wouldn't be created
  • Now, script will only inject once, and stories have the correct number of steps: Before, the script was injecting itself multiple times and therefore outputting 2-4x the steps performed

Release v0.5.1

  • Add filtering and sorting to the user stories table
  • Update styling of user stories page to be consistent with test runs
  • Add the project picker into settings sidebar for context of the project you're in. Especially helpful if you have several projects.
  • New user story description field is added. Use this to add context to the outcome of an individual user story, or documentation for what to watch for with it.
  • Add the first phase of authentication for tests. There is now the ability to add non-expiring tokens in your settings page.
  • Show videos on test outcomes when it's a failure
  • Display the privacy defaults Meeshkan recorder sets in the settings page


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