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Apr 12, 2021

Test Runs are picking up the pace 🏃


After some minor tweaks, we're proud to share the Test Runner beta with all Meeshkan users! Now it only takes 1 click to turn a User Story into a Test Case, and they'll run daily against your staging environment.

That's 1 click to write tests, run tests, and analyze test outcomes 😱

Used together with Test Case exports, you can comprehensively and rapidly test your entire UI.

Need a hand setting it up?

Here's everything else we've been up to in the last cycle:#

  • Enuring that Test Runs are triggered only when a staging URL and Test Cases exist.
  • Video creation for all failed tests in the Test Runner
  • Test Runner respects isAuthenticated, and only authenticates if necessary for the Test Case
  • Script and Chrome extension refactoring for performance and type safety
  • Chrome extension update has pretty rounded corners 🤗 (this will update automatically, no need to re-install)
  • Added a skeleton table that displays while User Stories are loading
  • Added the ability to turn on/off Test Runs (Settings > Details)


  • Now, recording the log-in flow is fast and smooth. Before, recording the log-in flow manually occasionally did not correctly register as an authenticated flow.
  • Now, scrolling is natural and consistent across all screen sizes and devices. Before, on smaller screens and on mobile, there were some CSS and scrolling bugs in settings and the sidebar.


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