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Mar 15, 2021

Test cases are in Beta!

The webapp now exposes the ability to download puppeteer test scripts, and upgrades to the table UI!

Meeshkan screenshot

Another fun thing — HUGE 💃 Performance upgrades everywhere!#

Following from the upgrades to our recording script last cycle, we've made some system-wide improvements to both frontend and backend elements that decrease loading times by 10x and improve the performance your webapp if the script is installed.

Here's the magic that made it happen:

  • We merged our "mutation observer diff" that continues to improve script performance (and developed our own custom library in the process that will be open sourced shortly!).
  • User Stories are being grouped better due to a larger window of data in context.
  • User Story steps appear instantly after a Chrome extension recording is completed.
  • Fixed bug that added quotation marks to certain string values.

Here's everything else we've been up to in the last cycle:

  • To ensure that User Stories usefully illustrate how your software is used, we've filtered out rare events, so that the ones with less than 1 flow aren't shown in the User Story table.
  • Resize events have been added to User Story steps.
  • Step numbers in User Stories bring clarity to the flow of actions.


  • Now, graceful failure 🎩 when a drag and drop doesn't have destination coordinates. No more scary error screens!
  • Now, new releases to the Meeshkan Recorder Chrome extension update automatically. Before, scripts were cached, preventing automatic updates.
  • Now, receive only relevant notifications from the Meeshkan Recorder. Before, there was a bug for Windows users that sent them repeat notifications.


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