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Apr 27, 2021

Test now, test in an hour… test whenever you want!

Manually trigger test runs whenever you want, allowing you to always ensure that your next merge will be a success.

Here's everything else we've been up to in the last cycle:#

  • Now videos show click locations by showing an svg at the click coordinates 🌟
  • For those out there with the console always open, you’ll see less console errors
  • We ensured that Meeshkan won’t impact the performance of your webapp, by implementing a “kill-switch” for the recorder script for when computing power is needed to load your DOM
  • We started work on the latest version of the Chrome extension (with floating recording controls ☁️)… watch this space!


  • Now, more test cases reach completion. Before, some users experienced test cases hanging.
  • Now, longer User Stories will have videos and generate faster. Before, long User Stories would take a while to generate, and sometimes fail to.


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