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Mar 30, 2021

Test Runner in stealth mode 🥷

You can already run tests you create from User Stories by exporting Test Cases as Puppeteer scripts but we're also working to allow you to run them directly from within Meeshkan, and we've made some big strides in bringing that to life this cycle. Get in touch to get early access!


Here's everything else we've been up to in the last cycle:#

  • Increased accuracy of User Story videos by making video generation events more explicit
  • You can now clearly distinguish the log-in flow, authenticated flows, and unauthenticated flows too, with handy tags in the Recordings table.
  • Videos are generated automatically for all User Stories
  • Started using the Puppeteer script to test the Meeshkan webapp with user-generated User Stories by setting up the GitHub action
  • Improved the output of the downloadable script
    • Formatting improvements
    • Insert the defined cookie by default
    • Change dragndrop events to click events if they have the same coordinates to make things cleaner!
  • The 🤫 Test Runner beta changes include:
    • Shows the step that failed and why
    • Adds the dynamic test details (which element could not be found)
    • Links back to the user story
    • Fixes bug where test outcomes had a longer timeout than the test run causing uncompleted runs.



  • Now, script tags show correctly on the dashboard. Before, script tags didn't correctly show, dependent on if you'd received events or not.
  • Now, no more repeated reloads Before, there was a reload every time you navigated back to a Meeshkan tab after moving away from it.


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