Frequently asked questions

You asked and we answered! In this section, we'll dig into the questions we've received most often about Meeshkan.

Questions answered:

What is property-based testing?#

Property-based testing is a generative approach to software testing. This means that instead of writing out exact values to test, the input values are automatically generated based on designated properties. By generating thousands (or even millions) of test cases, we're able to find bugs we never could've imagined.

It's not a replacement for traditional techniques, but we're fans of property-based testing because it excels where example-based testing lacks.

If you're interested in learning more, we've published a beginner's guide to property-based testing on our blog.

Why are my tests taking so long?#

Property-based testing is very resource-intensive. During the alpha release, we've found that tests can take anywhere from 2-7 hours. Soon, we'll be offering paid plans with options to speed up this testing time. Let us know if that sounds like something you'd sign up for.

Where can I see the results of my tests?#

The results of your tests are submitted as issues to your repository. By default, the Meeshkan GitHub bot will file a separate issue for every potential bug found. If no bugs are found, you won't hear anything from us.

We're currently working on a new Meeshkan web application, as well as branch checks. Both of these will show visual feedback and individual reports for your tests.