Prioritizing bugs

Test priority screenshot

As a way to categorize the urgency in which you should approach bugs reported, we now tag priority tests with priority levels.

Being able to analyze the severity of a bug also helps the Meeshkan team decide which notification channel is most appropriate (pager duty vs GitHub issue vs slack vs email).

Security focused bugs although don't prevent a client from operating, often make it unsafe to do so. Meeshkan automatically labels security bugs as P1.

The following are the qualifications for each priority level:#

Priority 1 — P1#

A complete business down situation. The client is unable to operate.

Priority 2 — P2#

A major component of the clients ability to operate is affected.  Some aspects of the business can continue but its a major problem.

Priority 3 — P3#

The clients core business is unaffected but the issue is affecting efficient operation by one or more people.

Priority 4 — P4#

The issue is an inconvenience or annoying but there are clear workarounds or alternates.

Priority 5 — P5#

The issue is a background or planned task and will be addressed when time permits or on the planned date.

Last updated: 21st Jul 2020