GitHub App Permissions

When you authorize the Meeshkan Github app, a brief dialog appears outlining the permissions we ask for. Each permission has its own name and meaning as described in their api documentation. Below, you'll find a description of the GitHub app permissions we ask for. We'll use the same terminology as the api documentation, and we'll explain why we ask for each permission.

In this section:


Meeshkan needs read-access to the content of repositories in order to run automated builds and tests.


To report bugs and issues, Meeshkan uses a variety of channels. One of these channels is posting GitHub issues on the registered repository. Here's an example issue filed by Meeshkan for reference.


We use metadata to display information, like your repositories' name or organization's avatar, in our webapp.

Pull requests#

The Meeshkan pull request permission is deprecated and unused. It will be removed in a future version of the application.

Commit statuses#

We use commit statuses to provide useful information directly in the GitHub UI, including on pull requests and on the front page of repositories.