Meeshkan Pricing

Meeshkan is the equivialent of 1, 60k+ salaried QA engineer, for every 5 engineers hired. While we are still in private beta, Meeshkan is free for fair use. Let us know if we can build a plan for you.

Freefor Individuals

$0 /month

1 team member

2 projects

Manual project setup

100 testing hours

GitHub import

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Profor Teams

$99 /month

8 team members

Unlimited projects

1 project set up

1000 testing hours

3 concurrent tests

Weekly audit reporting

30 day history

Businessstarting at

$2000 /month

25 team members

Unlimited projects

5 projects set up

Unlimited testing hours

10 concurrent tests

Unlimited history

GitLab & Bitbucket import

Auth flow testing UI

Custom build pipelines

Role based permissions

Jira/Linear integration


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