Faster & confident pre-release testing in your staging environment

Superpowers for your staging environment. Run tests generated by your actual users on your staging environment. Full health overview so you know when the right time to merge is.

Designed for the smoothest release cycle you've ever experienced

Bring your staging environment, we'll help you merge to production.

Health metrics dashboard

User generated tests

Dynamically generated tests

Pinpoint bug introductions

GitHub checks integration

Confidence score

Staging environments optimized

Test cases

Subscription upgrade triggered free trial

`Admin` can edit billing

Account successfully deleted

`Guest` does not have access to team settings

Test the cases that matter

Users don't often follow the path that you've planned for them to, your testing should reflect that. Fake users built from Machine learning analysis of your users actual flows. These real user flows are analyzed to generate test cases to run on commit preventing service regressions.

UI first generation

Staging environments are important for business stakeholders for product learning and manual testing. Meeshkan allows you to spin-up environments on demand, and define test cases — all in the User Interface.

Have confidence in your next merge to production

Bring your staging environment and we'll give you all the tools you need (including your fake users) to merge to production.


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