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Meeshkan automatically writes, executes, and reports on a collection of user-mimicking tests, guaranteed to give you confidence in critical flows.

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A user is only authorized to see their own data

Test case failed

Priority level 1


  • Sign out and sign in from the same terminal allows second user to access first user's account.



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A GraphQL testing tool that is dynamic to Schema changes

Someone makes a change to your GraphQL schema, the existing tests become outdated and now you're stuck rewriting your tests. We know because we've been there. Meeshkan uses GraphQL introspection to dynamically generate tests based on your schema.

Built with the GraphQL community in mind.

Meeshkan works particularly well if you’ve built your GraphQL API from scratch using tools like Prisma or Apollo. But it’s not limited to that. No matter how many tests you already have or what language your app is written in - Meeshkan fits right into your existing stack.

Test automation for your GraphQL app

Step 1

Choose a repository

Authorize Meeshkan on GitHub, choose a repository to test, and set up your base configuration. That’s all you need to do to get started. Test runs will be triggered on every commit!

Step 2

Continuous testing with every commit

Meeshkan naturally fits into your existing workflow by testing as you push commits to GitHub. Imagine Netlify, but for automated testing.

Step 3

Fix vulnerabilities in your app

When tests fail, your configuration can block a branch from merging, direct a developer to the point of failure, and see the highlight the highest priority bugs to tackle first.

The best of automated testing tools - plus a little more.

Weekly audit reports available in the Meeshkan webapp.

Visualize auth flows and control who has access to certain queries.

Uncovered bugs sorted by priority.

Tired of API testing that doesn’t keep up? Get started with automated GraphQL testing today.


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